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Choose Your Detox Volcano Pedicure $56


Romance Pedicure

Need some romance? Fall in love with the aroma. This blooming floral fragrance will calm and soothe your senses, as it softens your skin. You will love your silky soft skin.


Tropical Citrus Pedicure

Stressed? Take a tropical escape. Rejuvenate your skin back to its radiant glow with a burst of citrus that exfoliates and hydrates. Provides cleansing power to reveal skin's natural radiance.


Honey Pearl Pedicure

Add some luxury to your day with this sweet scent that restores skin's natural beauty. Nature's energy booster, honey contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help repair and nourish the skin.


Orange No.5 Pedicure

It's refreshing & moisturizing! Experience this luxury perfume fragrance with a splash of orange for the ultimate citrus-twist. Perfect for dull and blemished skin, moisture protects skin cells and slows the rate of wrinkle-causing damage.


Green Tea & Aloe Vera Pedicure

Promotes detoxification while providing skin moisture-rich protection. Chill out while enjoying the green tea and aloe fragrance with a hint of floral bouquet


Lavender Eruption Pedicure

Reduce anxiety and emotional stress with a fragrance that you love. Lavender has always been a favorite, classic floral scent. Enjoying a burst of this relaxing and sweet aroma.


Volcano Spa 5-in-1 Spa Box CBD Rose Gold



Volcano Spa 5-in-1 Spa Box CBD Gold